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Millions of players all over the world access online casinos to meet their gambling needs. These operating casinos provide a safe and secure connection to some of the best games online and players will find the same types of games offered online as they would upon entering a land based casino. For players who reside in Belgium, there are many great site choices available. Online gambling has been legal in Belgium since 2002 and this is unique as many other European countries have placed a ban on online gambling of all sorts. However, in Belgium, the government does not restrict online gambling and allows players to find sites that offer real money games that can be truly rewarding.

In 2009, Belgium passed a Gambling Act that states that any company that is providing online gambling services within the country will also possess a license for a physical casino in the country. While this opens the doors for many operators and provides players with some great selections, there are still limitations. There are not many operating online casinos in Belgium at this time, so players who are looking for a more enhanced experience wilt run their attention towards online casinos operating off shore in other countries. This is not restricted and since online gambling is legal, Belgium does not prevent players from choosing or playing at any off shore licensed online casino.

While there are some freedoms to choosing online casinos, Belgium wants to ensure the safety of players so the Gaming Commission has compiled a blacklist of various companies. These lists are passed onto ISP providers, so it is not possible for players from this country to access each and every operating site. Being placed on that list can result in massive fines and Belgian residents who are caught playing at these sites can also be fined. This is why it is important to consult the blacklist before choosing any online casino.

Players from Belgium do have some great choices and opportunities, but they are a bit more restricted than for those who are residing on other countries where there are no restrictions on online gambling. Despite the laws and the restrictions, players from this location can easily find online casinos that are operating legally and ethically and will offer access to real money games that can be enjoyed from home.

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